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The Wisdom of Trees in Coping with Modern Life


Are you living in a place of overwhelm?


Have you had enough of low or no energy, burn out and exhaustion?


Are you in physical and/or emotional pain?


Do you want to be energised, motivated and have a heart felt desire to get on with your day?


If you are surviving and not flourishing, it is time to take action and learn simple steps to enhance your overall physical and emotional wellbeing.


Sandra James and Fi Feehan are experienced practitioners in the worlds of physical and emotional well being. Together, Sandra and Fi have guided and influenced the lives of many stuck or desperate -or had enough-individuals, ensuring a sustainable healthier life where there is little or no regret on passing.

Sandra has a vast understanding of the body and how it heals, complements the deep knowledge Fi has of the complexity of the mind, how it functions and how we can manage it.


The evidence accumulated from jointly guiding clients has resulted in the development of, quite literally, a roots and branches Be More Tree Programme. The Be More Tree Programme is designed to identify, accept or let go of what is not serving you in your physical and emotional well being, as well as developing thinking and everyday habits that maintain your wellness physically and emotionally. The Be More Tree Programme is the integration of mind and body, resulting in a holistic and dynamic approach to overall wellness. The Be More Tree Programme is the integration of up to date scientific understanding of how the body and mind work and connect with each other, combined with the grounding of Eastern Philosophy.


From participating in the Be More Tree Programme you will have more energy, clarity in thinking and clear steps to move forward in making deep rooted changes enhancing your overall wellness.


Be More Tree is a programme based upon the present learning we have on the amazing wisdom of trees. The ability of trees to grow strong, have resilience, blossom, connect and be adaptable to external and internal challenges.


Our Tree


Over three separate workshops you will explore strategies, tips, thinking patterns, language, practices and habits that truly lead to you living life in flourish.

Workshops Summer 2019